Admission requirements for Master

Master’s Degree in Physical and Sports Education

Article (16): Aswan University Council grants Master degree according to the request of faculty of Physical Education Council in one of the determined specializations   

Article (17): Study Duration to obtain a master’s degree in physical education and sports should not be less than two years from Enrollment date, It can be extended on a proposal of the supervisor after being approved by the department and faculty.

Article (18): A student must be enrolled to get master at the following:

1- Student should have a bachelor’s degree in physical and sports education from one of the Egyptian universities or an equivalent degree from a recognized faculty or scientific institute with grade average ” good” at least. It is not permissible for him to have obtained a bachelor’s degree more than five years unless he obtained a postgraduate diploma in one of the specializations of physical education.

2- Applying to the faculty for enrollment at the time of announcement and it is presented to the Department of the competent department for opinion before it is presented to Faculty council, the date of faculty council approval is the date of Student enrollment.

3- In addition to what the faculty Council adds other conditions for selection between applicants to choose the required numbers and passing the personal interview of the department.

4-Student should pay the tuition fees that is determined by University for all Egyptian and foreign students

Article (19): Research topic enrollment:

Research topic enrollment will be after passing the first semester of master with Accumulative rate more than (2) and for language test and seminar, the university rules will be applied and the discussion will be after one year from the accreditation date of University vice president for graduate studies to register the topic, it is permissible to extend the registration duration according to the supervisor proposal and approval of department and faculty council for one year and renewable one more time after the paying tuition fees.

Article (20): Conditions for granting master degree    

Researcher should continue study for (4 )semesters at least and not more than (6 )semesters according to the following procedures:

  • Student should pass the exams of study courses which determined by faculty council according to accredited hours in regulation schedules and faculty council can remove or add any courses in future according to scientific department councils
  • After completing study of second semester courses and success in it, student should register in his topic which he choose and approved by department council according to the research plan of the department and present the results of this research in a thesis approved by Discussion committee and judgment and that after passing at least one year from the accreditation date of university vice president for graduate studies and research for topic registration.  
  • If the subject of the search changes substantially, the approval date of Vice president of graduate studies and research is the new registration date and the student has the right to amend only once.
  • 4- research supervisory committee shall submit a semi-annual report on the student’s progress in his research and presenting a report of validity of thesis to department council to present it to Discussion Committee
  • The Discussion committee shall return the letter to its owner to complete the shortage and give him the chance to modify it.


Article (21): the student enrollment shall be cancelled in master degree in the following cases:

  • If he does not pass the prescribed exams according to accredited hours in this regulation.
  • If the student does not get the degree within four years from the date of enrollment, unless the faculty Council approved the extension of the registration period and renewed once .
  • If the Discussion and Judgment Committee rejects the thesis at all and requests to cancel its registration
  • If the main supervisor (or supervisory committee in case of multiple supervisors) submits two consecutive reports on the lack of seriousness of the student in the research, after the approval of the faculty Council after taking the opinion of the relevant department council and notify the student officially.
  • If the student applies to cancel his registration or withdraw his file or drop out of study for two academic years.