Library Borrowing


Library Borrowing

The following items may not be borrowed outside the library: – Encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, atlases, knowledge circles, specialized references, and dictionaries. Arab and foreign periodicals. University theses (master’s theses – doctoral theses). Rare books that are not available in publishing roles and are difficult to obtain. One copy and one last copy of books owned by the library. Paperless information receptacles (tapes – scientific slides – microfilm – microfiche – laser cylinders). Loan period:

Provided that the borrowing is for a period of one week, renewable, and in the event of a delay from the date, the borrower will be warned, and in the event of a repeat violation, a note is submitted to Prof. Dr. Deputy of Graduate Studies for consideration.

In the event that the book is lost from the borrower, the following procedures shall be followed:

The person responsible for purchasing the book and delivering it to the library is obligated to have the same edition of the most recent version and not the previous edition issued from the lost copy. In the event that the book is not available in the publishing roles, the price of the book will be charged at a double price from the offender in addition to 20% administrative expenses for the account of the service fund. If a part of a group of parts is lost, the person responsible for purchasing the lost part is obligated to have the same edition. The term “lost” is indicated in front of the data of the lost book in the registration records and the number and date of the payment slip shall be debited and deducted from the library’s custody. The number of books that are borrowed:

The external borrowing of the following categories may not exceed the limits established against each category: –