Dean’s Speech

Dean speech

Human beings live in a cultural framework consisting of customs, traditions, and beliefs, which interact and affect the behavior of the individual through his social relationships and environment. Whether his family or the surrounding society and with the tremendous development in all aspects of knowledge and with technology development and the most important challenges which face societies became how to help the young generation to face the rapid development, and whereas the educational system is a civilized product express the development of nations and that lead to cope with the civilization through creating faculties, departments and programs corresponds to requirements and society needs, establishing faculty of Physical Education is one of this requirements which aims at achieving a group of educational and social goals through qualifying a group of students, granting them a bachelor’s degree in physical education after a study of (4) years and that through working in educational, sports and social institutions, a group of staff members who have PhD in different specialties of physical Education who provide students with information, theories, and necessary experiences from practical and theoretical aspects to work in physical education profession through teaching them the different subjects, and with increasing the need of the Egyptian society which is experiencing an unprecedented boom of growth and development and keeping pace with the challenges of the age in and with the quality of the educational product.

There is an urgent necessity for the existence of all specialties which should serve all sectors and individuals that the Egyptian society and its government strive to the well-being of society and meet the needs of citizens which lead to the establishment of faculty of Physical Education.