Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance Unit                    
The organizational structure of Quality Assurance Unit
Faculty dean:  Chairman of Board of Directors
Vice Dean:  Member of the Board of Directors
Faculty secretary:  Financial and Administrative Officer
Quality committees
Awareness and Training Committee
Courses specification committee
Programs specification committee
Quality committees
the responsible coordinator of standard
Leadership and Governance
Prof/ Abdel-Rahman Abdel-baset +Prof/ Ashraf Mostafa
Institutional assessment and quality administration
Prof/ Abdel-Rahman Abdel-baset +Prof/ Ashraf  Mostafa+ Mr/ Mahsoup Hagagi
Strategy planning
Dr/ Mostafa Mohammed Gomaa
Organizational planning
Dr/ Naser Mohammed Shaaban
Facilities, facilities and library
Dr/ Ehab Gaber Mohammed
Credibility and ethics
Dr/ Shireen Mohammed Khairy
Administrative and Information System
Dr/Nasser Mohammed Shaaban
Standards and programs
Dr/ Mostafa Mohammed Ghomaa +Eng/ Mohammed Abu el-Hamed
Societal participation
Dr/ Amr Hamza Saber
Education and Learning
Dr/ Mohammed Shamandi Yassin
Scientific research
Dr/Ehab Jaber Mohammed
Graduate studies+ Academic members
Prof/ Abdel-Naser Gabr Hussein