Admission requirements for Diploma

First:  Diploma in Physical Education and Sports

Article (10): Aswan University Council grants the diploma of physical and sports education in the determined specialization according to the request of the Faculty of Physical Education.

Article (11): Faculty Council determines the specializations which will be studied each year and the number of students at the diploma stage according to the request of councils of various scientific departments at faculty, the applicants should not be less than 5 students for each specialization.

Article (12): the student shall be registered for the diploma degree according to the following conditions:

1- He should have a bachelor’s degree in physical and sports education from an Egyptian university or an equivalent degree from a recognized Faculty or scientific institute.

2- Students should pass the personal interview in the department.

3-Accrediting the names of students accepted by department councils and Faculty council.

4-Payment of the tuition fees according to the number of hours registered for each semester.

5- Completing the required documents.

6- Other conditions added by faculty Council to differentiate between applicants to choose the required numbers

Article (13): The Schedules annexed to these Regulation shall indicate the study plan, the courses, the number of credit hours, the maximum and minimum end, the degrees of oral, written and applied tests, the year’s work and the number of written test hours .

Article (14): Research Project:

The student submits a research project and is registered with the beginning of enrollment and it will credited with (6) six credit hours.The head of the department distributes the research project to the Academic  Staff of the department, and After completion, it will present to a committee composed of three from Academic staff in the relevant department. each arbitrator will give A degree of 100 and they will calculate the average and added to it the cumulative Average in accordance with the system of calculation of grades applicable in the rest of the courses, and in case of the project is not submitted, the student will have only one opportunity.

Article (15): Student Enrollment in the diploma stage shall be canceled in the following cases:

1-If he fails in the determined examinations in accordance with the hours approved in this regulation.

2- If the student does not get the degree through two years from enrollment date.

3 – If the student applied to cancel his enrollment or withdraw his file or drop out of study two semesters.