Man lives in a cultural frame composed of customs, traditions, and beliefs that all of them interact an interaction that impacts on the behaviors of the individuals through his social relation and environment whether from his family or the surrounded community; with the great development in various aspects of knowledge accompanied with the technological development became the most important main challenges that face communities is the way of  helping the next generations on facing this fast development, whereas the educational system is urban production expresses the extent of peoples’ progress and civilization the matter that leads to keeping up civilization and progress and this through innovation faculties and departments and programs match with requirements and needs of the community; the establishment of the Faculty of Physical Education in Aswan is considered one of theses requirements aiming to achieve a group of educational and social goals through qualifying a group of  students and awarding them the bachelor degree in the physical education after a study for 4 years and this through working in the educational, sports and social institutions, and has taught  an elite of academic staff who awarded the doctoral degree in the various disciplines of the physical education and providing students with information, theories, competencies, and the necessary experiences from the practical (applied) and theoretical aspects to work in the physical education career through their teaching various subjects; with the increasing need of the Egyptian community, which lives unprecentable breakthrough, to growth, development and keeping up the challenges of the age, in the light of the quality of the educational production there is urgent necessity to exsit all disciplines which must serve all sectors and individuals from normal people and people with special needs, it became necessity to interest in both alike especially in the Egyptian community and its government which seeks effortly to the community well-being and provide the needs of citizens the matter that leads to establish the Faculty of Physical Education in Aswan.