First: Establishment Date

The Faculty of Physical Education was established in 2013.

The study started in the faculty in the era of Prof.Mansour Al Kabbash -the Former Aswan University President.

In 2014, presidential decree no. (227) of 11/2/2014 was issued to establish faculty of education.

In 2014 presidential decree no. (4386) of 25/9/2014 was issued regarding the issuance of the internal regulations of faculty of education_ Bachelor phase.


Second: Commencement Date of the Educational Process

The study started in the academic year 2014/2015 in (9) practical and theoretical departments:

(Curricula and teaching methods of physical education – Sports training and kinesiology – Sports Management and recreation- Sports Health science – Psychological and Social Sciences in Physical Education – Track and Field Competitions – Team Sports and Tennis Sports –  Competitive and Aquatics Sports -exercise, gymnastics and Kinetic performance)

The first batch included 325 students.