Strategic plan

Strategic objectives 

During the next decade, the faculty aims to transform into a distinguished educational and knowledge institution in various aspects of its performance.

Field of Education Program _ Bachelor Phase

1-Developing the educational process in keeping with modern developments and labor market needs.

2- Providing an educational environment for actual teaching and learning practices to support them.

3- Updating the information systems to develop the faculty infrastructure continuously.

4- Enhancing the competencies of Academic staff in designing, managing, and following up on teaching and learning processes.

5- Developing students’ activities and services provided to students currently and future graduates.

6- Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of material resources, from various sources to finance faculty needs, and working in light of the available potentials (human – material).

7- Developing evaluation systems for educational effectiveness, assessing learning outcomes for all educational programs, updating assessment and examination techniques, setting up a mechanism for evaluation, and following up to fulfill satisfaction for all concerned.                               

Graduate Studies and Research Field

Graduate studies:

1- Providing an educational environment for graduate studies and research to keep pace with modern scientific developments and labor markets.

2- Continuous encouragement to enroll in postgraduate studies for faculty graduates to continue studying and learning after graduation.

3- Developing and updating graduate studies regulations and programs to achieve total quality and requirements and developments of the labor market.  

4- Making distinguished programs and research projects in partnership with the distinguished centers inside and outside the university.

5- Developing financial resources for postgraduate studies and research at the faculty. 

Second: Research and scientific production:

1-Developing research and graduate studies.

2- Developing cooperation between the faculty and corresponding faculties of physical education in Arab and foreign countries in the field of graduate studies and research.

3- Continuous development for the specialized scientific journal of the faculty.

4- Developing research capabilities of academic staff and their assistants.

5- Contribution of scientific research in supporting and enhancing the educational process.

 Strategic objectives for community service and environment development:

1- Establishing and activating close ties between the faculty and the internal and external community parties.

2- Development of interactive mechanisms and programs between the faculty and the internal and external community.

3- Speedy establishment of special nature units of the faculty and setting a mechanism for developing and updating them.

Strategic objectives of the financial and administrative field

1- Increasing the satisfaction of the internal and external community from dealing with the administrative and financial apparatus in the faculty.

2- Computerizing the financial and administrative systems in the faculty.

3- Developing the administrative and financial organizational structure of the faculty.