• Preparing a graduate who knows most about modern sports and human sciences.
  • Preparing specialists in physical education to work in appropriate community institutions.
  • Implementing scientific studies and research in different fields of physical education and sports sciences contribute to community service and environment development.
  • Raising the professional and scientific level for those who work in physical education fields and informing them of the modern educational trends.
  • Presenting the scientific advice for governmental and civil authorities in physical Education Fields and sports science and cooperation in studying sports issues to achieve the Joint goals which contribute to developing physical Education.
  • Exchanging experiences and information with Egyptian, Arabic, and international educational and cultural authorities and cooperation with it dealing with Joint sports issues.
  • Preparing a graduate has advanced professional skills to achieve society and labor market needs and to be able to compete.
  • Preparing a graduate who has knowledge about modern technology and is able to use Information Technology.
  • Enhancing the educational experience of students and revising the general curriculum to strengthen education in this field and strengthen the roots of the deep guiding thought to students and providing good training opportunities to be able to concentrate on Job opportunities and choose the appropriate job.
  • Developing different Facilities for achieving high-quality education to achieve the satisfaction of students, societal and professional institutions which they will join.
  • Developing a strong relationship between university and faculty on the one hand and the society and region on the other. For providing appropriate training opportunities and providing qualitative support to graduates through training and that through  Health, psychological, educational and sports services for the region and society and that through holding protocol; with the outside community which represented in health clubs and care homes and tourism sector through presenting Health and rehabilitation guidance programs and rooting the relationship inside the university through the faculty and surrounding society and educate them to make them aware of the importance of physical education and sports sciences and its effect on physical, health and psychological state.