Aswan University and Administrative Control are united against corruption in a marathon for running and cycling kayaking and an educational seminar for university employees

National Security Sports Initiative

Today, Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed, President of Aswan University, witnessed the activities of the running and cycling kayaking marathon organized by the Administrative Control Authority coinciding with the “International Anti-Corruption Day”, in the presence of prof. Ahmed Ghallab,  President of the University, Major General Ihab Al-Bandari, Head of the Administrative Control Authority Branch in Aswan, and Colonel Haitham Salam, Deputy President of the Administrative Control Authority in AswanAnd Prof. Ayman Othman, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Prof. Magdy Muhammad Ali, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Ayman Abdel Ghaffar, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Coordinator of the Subcommittee on Combating Corruption at Aswan University, and a number of deans of the colleges of Aswan University, the Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Directorate of Education and a group of popular and executive leaders In the governorate.Dr. Ahmed Ghallab, President of Aswan University, said that the marathon is being held under the title “United Against Corruption”, in continuation of the President’s initiatives in practicing sports activities and activating them on the ground, stressing that the marathon is a message to all countries of the world, Aswan Governorate witnesses a purification of corruption in its various forms and forms.And work to spread the culture of fighting corruption within institutions. The university continues to cooperate with all state institutions and provides all educational and awareness services to serve and elevate the nation’s status under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.Dr. Ahmed Ghallab indicated on the sidelines of the celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day scheduled for today, corresponding to 9 December 2020, this comes within the framework of the state’s interest in fighting corruption in light of the National Anti-Corruption Strategic Vision. We are pleased to cooperate fully with the Administrative Control Authority in promoting and disseminating the values ​​of integrity and transparency in order to ensure the proper performance of the public service and preservation. Ali of public money, through the National Authority’s National Strategy, to Eliminate and Combat Corruption.Major General Ihab Al-Bandari, head of the Administrative Control Authority branch in Aswan, explained during the symposium hosted by Aswan University that the phenomenon of corruption is one of the most dangerous negative phenomena spread in countries, and the most deadly of security and societal peace. This is because it affects vital and influential joints in the state, money, bribery, favoritism, the spread of unemployment and drugs are the major headlines for this phenomenon, stressing the importance of community participation that falls on everyone’s shoulders in facing corruption because of its negative effects on development, pointing to the importance of raising awareness of the seriousness of Corruption to fight it.The President of the Administrative Control Authority in Aswan presented an introductory presentation about the authority, its objectives, how and methods of communicating with the officials of the authority, explaining the impact of corruption on the individual, society, and institutions, and the role of the authority in preventing and combating corruption, indicating the importance of enhancing transparency to facilitate accountability and accountability, as corruption affects social justice And on the economic, social and legal status of citizens.During the symposium, a documentary film on anti-corruption was shown, and the door was opened for dialogue with the attendees to raise any inquiries or proposals that could be used in the fight against corruption, and the symposium concluded with the presentation of the university shield to the head of the Administrative Control Authority branch in Aswan and the deputy head of the Administrative Control Authority, and the attendees took memorial photos with Vice President of the University Prof. Ayman Othman, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Prof. Magdi Muhammad Ali, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Deans of Faculties, Assistant Secretaries, Directors of Departments and Staff at the University.Dr. Ahmed Ghallab, President of the University, Representatives, Chairman and Vice-President of the Administrative Control Authority, and the attendees made an inspection tour of the new university facilities and sports and the major halls that were developed, such as the University Theater to the educational symposium of the Administrative Control Authority in Aswan.