The launch of the most important and largest medical conference for children in Aswan

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Today, Wednesday, Prof.  Ahmed Ghalab Mohamed, President of Aswan University, witnessed the most important and largest pediatric conferences hosted by Aswan University, held under the title (Back to Basics in Pediatrics).
Dr. Ahmed Ghallab stressed the importance of this conference, which discusses the most important and latest findings of science in the world, in the presence of a group of pediatric professors from different universities inside and outside Egypt, which in turn enhances the opportunities for disseminating science and exchanging experiences between senior and young doctors, and this comes within the framework of The exchange of medical expertise in this subspecialty between senior physicians and young physicians.

Dr. Muhammad Zaki Al-Dahshouri, Dean of the College of Medicine added that there is no doubt that this conference had the highest levels of organization within a specialized team and the latest methods of presenting information in an effective and attractive way. What makes the conference more distinguished is the workshops attached to it, which are nothing but a summary of the experiences of senior doctors in the field of pediatrics. And he passed it on to young doctors.

Dr. Bahaa Al-Houri, head of the children’s department and the conference reporter, indicated that all precautionary measures have been taken for the Corona virus interface, which the state follows, some of which are the following, such as the social spacing between attendees at a distance of not less than 1 meter between attendance seats or in the streets and inside the hotel, as well as wearing Gags and protective masks throughout The period of the conference, as well as the continuous use of various disinfectants and alcohol, as well as the availability of temperature meters, in a continuous and periodic manner also throughout the conference period inside the hotel.
Likewise, the information received by the competent authorities in organizing conferences at the level of the republic related to the current events of the emerging corona virus was implemented, as the attendance was divided into three groups so that each group is allowed to attend only one day at the hotel while it can follow the interesting conference events through live broadcasts on engines. The various researches, in the presence of Dr. Ashraf Maabad, Executive Director of Aswan University Hospitals, and many specialized professors.