Educational Curriculums

Educational Curriculums:


Faculty of Physical Education

First year

First semester


Fundamental of Physical Education

Functional anatomy of athletes


Kinesthetic expression (1)

Exercises (1)

Gymnastics (1)

Swimming (1)



Field and track competitions

Introduction to athletic Sociology

Second semester

Health Education

Exercises (2)

English Language

Kinesthetic performance (1)

Gymnastics (2)

Rhythmic gymnastics

Swimming (2)

Basket ball


Sports administration principles

Field and track competitions


Introduction to sports psychology


Sport education curriculum

Faculty of Physical education

Second year

First semester

Sports competitions administration

Scientific research and statics in physical education

Racket games

Training (3)

Gymnastics (2)

Swimming (3)

Sports physiology

Sports training principles

Physical Education teaching principles


Second Semester

Field and track competitions

Kinetic education

Body building

Kinesthetic performance (2)

Training (4)

Gymnastics (4)


Swimming (4)

Training & competitions Psychology


Football (2)

Volleyball (2)

Sports Recreation principles

Field and track competitions (4)

Faculty of Physical Education

Third year

First semester

Management of sports facilities

Sports injuries and physical rehabilitation


Physical measurement and treatment

Kinetic Rhythm (2)

Teaching applications

Rhythmic gymnastics (2)

Sports shows (1)

Diving and Rescue

Basketball (2)

Handball (2)

Field and track competitions (5)

Wrestling (2)

Boxing (2)

Second Semester

Camps Management

Racket games (2)

Sports Psychological Measurements

Field and track competitions (6)



Field training (1)

Sports shows (2)

Biomechanics in sports field

Fourth year

 First semester

Media and general relationships in Sports

Group games and Racket sports (Choosing one game) (Football, basketball, Volleyball, Handball, table Tennis)

Exercises, Gymnastics, kinetic performance (choosing one sport) (Exercises, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics , kinetic performance, Field and track competitions)

Sports health

Fights and water sports (choosing one sport) (Swimming / Boxing / Wrestling / Karate / Godo / Duel / Taekwondo) 

Sports training planning

Field training (2)

Human rights

Sports leadership dynamism 

Second semester

Psychological preparation for athletes

Group games and Racket sports (optional)

Recreation for special groups

Training, Gymnastics and kinetic performance (optional)

Fights and water sports (optional)

Sports training programs

Athletes’ Nutrition

School sports evaluation