Students’ Unions

Students Unions:

They are the legitimate organizations that express the views and aspirations of students in universities, colleges and institutes, and through them they practice all student activities within the framework of the traditions and authentic university values.

Formation of the Student Union Council of the Faculty of Physical Education
For the academic year 2021 / 2022

Federation President: Karim Ashraf Jalaluddin  Mobile: 01116988067
Vice President of the Federation:                        Mobile:

Serial No.GroupsGroups’ SecretaryAsst. Secretary
1FamiliesAhmed Amin Ali Shaheen-Fourth BatchMohamed Ayman Abdel Hamid Abdel Aziz-Second Batch
2SocialTaha Muhammad Adam Ali-Third BatchAhmed Mohamed Abdel Muttalib Ahmed-Second Batch
3 SportsMustafa Abdo Hasballah Abdel Ghani-Second BatchNourhan Mohamed Abdel Azim Ali-Second Batch
4CulturalAyman Muhammed Taha Muhammed-Second BatchMohamed Nasser Abdel Qader Ahmed-Second Batch
5ArtisticMarwan Muhammed Saleh Saeed-Second BatchHassan Mustafa Abdel Latif Ibrahim- First Batch
6ScotWalaa Saqr Ahmed Hassan-Second BatchJustina Ashraf Milad Sous-First Batch
7ScientificMohamed Magdy Owais –First BatchEsraa Samir Sayed Ahmed-Second Batch