Library Regulation


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University libraries and their goals

University libraries

A scientific and cultural institution that aims to collect various sources of information and develop them through available methods (purchase, gift, exchange and deposit) and facilitate ways to benefit from them to the public of beneficiaries (Faculty members – researchers – graduate students – undergraduate and license students – workers) And that is through the good selection of holdings on the one hand and the provision of office service on the other hand.

Acquisition and increase

One of the main tasks of libraries is the acquisition of books, references, encyclopedias, university theses, and other information containers. The acquisitions are developed through several methods of purchase, exchange, gifting, and subscriptions.

User services

Internal review

This service is available to all categories of beneficiaries, and for this service to be successful, the following components must be available: – – The library staff is familiar with as much as possible of all the addresses acquired to meet the needs of the beneficiaries. – Providing quietness, good lighting, and necessary ventilation inside the library – – Providing an automatic search service for the beneficiary –

Borrowing service

The following items may not be borrowed outside the library: – Encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, atlases, circles of knowledge, specialized references, and dictionaries – – Arab and foreign periodicals – University theses (master’s theses – doctoral theses) – – Rare books that are not available in publishing roles and are difficult to obtain – – One copy and the last copy books owned by the library –