About Foreign Students


The arrival students department is represented in presenting a strategy that makes Aswan University one of the distinguished public universities at the level of providing educational and cultural services to incoming students of different nationalities that serve scientific research and knowledge sources and achieve renewal and continuous development of education and scientific research from a scientific perspective.

The Expatriates Department is in constant contact with the Graduates Department to provide all services to international graduate students and facilitate the procedures for their graduation from the university, and then continuous communication with university graduates to exchange experiences between graduates, Egyptian students, and different nationalities, and the university administration, so that the graduate becomes an ambassador for the university in the labor market.


The Immigrants Department, through its communication with the various faculties of the university in which international students are enrolled, is committed to providing the best educational opportunities and research services to the incoming student, and raising the educational level by applying the highest international and regional standards of quality and development to graduate students with skill and experience that serve their universities and convey the university’s goals and vision to their countries.


1- Supervising the workflow of the administration and managing its affairs.

2- Implementing the policies and plans set by the Director General and the Director of the Department.

3- Communicate with international students nominated through the university’s website and social networking sites.

4- Supervising and directing the employees of the Department and following up on the implementation of the work assigned to them.

5- Solve problems or raise them to the director of the department, if necessary.

6- Preparing a report at the end of each academic year on what has been accomplished and what has not been accomplished, with the reasons mentioned.

7- Liaising with institutions and companies regarding the employment of university graduates.

8- Providing a system for the care and support of students and working on developing a system for measuring and evaluating performance to become a basis for continuous development.

9- A meeting of the members of the administration is held at the invitation of the director of the administration once at the beginning of each semester to discuss the plan and the distribution of tasks.

Foreign Students Management Strategy

The management of expatriates is one of the most important components of the educational process that requires continuous development and modernization because the university and its importance in the life of society and the important role it plays in preparing generations makes the development and modernization of its management a very important issue in line with the development taking place in the world in this field vitality.

Talking about the plan for the development of the Department of Expatriates of the General Administration of Education and Student Affairs requires; Familiarity with developments in all social, scientific, and cognitive aspects, because the rapid change, which is one of the most prominent features of our contemporary world.

Accordingly, for the university to perform its mission properly; It is necessary to develop its management in terms of the tools and means that it uses in its operations and tasks to ensure the achievement of the goals set in the best possible way. This development and change must include the following matters:-

1) Appointing the executive team according to the organizational structure.

2) Providing a headquarters for the unit and establishing it with the latest advanced systems.

3) Holding a monthly meeting for the members of the administration to discuss the members of the administration and follow up on the various activities.

4) Preparing a report at the end of each academic year to evaluate what has been accomplished and what has not been accomplished, with a discussion of the reasons.

5) Communicate with alumni and inform them of the university’s activities through the university’s websites.

6) Providing various programs to prepare graduates for the labor market.

7) Organizing an annual ceremony for the graduates who are expatriates.

8) Activating social activities such as trips, seminars, etc., informing the graduates and ensuring their participation in these activities so that there is a connection and communication that will pass between the graduate and the university.

9) Supervising and directing the employees of the Department and following up on the implementation of the work assigned to them.

10) Printing introductory brochures – the incoming student’s guide – about the faculties of the university and the services it provides.

11) Reaching to attract a larger number of international students of different nationalities.