Required documents

Required documents for enrollment

First university stage

After the appearance of the result to nominate students to study in one of the university faculties in the first university stage on the website of general administration for mission and international students’ scholarships, the students present the following documents:

  • An Original certificate of secondary Education
  • An Original Birth certificate
  • A copy of the passport
  • (4) personal photos
  • Nomination Letter from Ministry of Higher Education

Transferred students in the First stage:

Foreign Students of Non – Egyptian Universities who want to study in the first stage of University faculties should apply to the Administration of Foreign Administration at the university with the following documents:

Application form student refers that a student who wants to transfer to one of the university faculties:

  • 4 personal photos
  • Birth certificate (original)
  • Degrees disclosure of Curriculums
  • Statement of scientific content which had studied

Graduate studies stage

  • Foreign students who want to register for graduate studies should present the following documents:
  • 6 personal photos
  • Bachelor/master’s certificate
  • Degree equivalent to Bachelor/master’s from the supreme council of Universities
  • Degrees disclosure of Bachelor- preliminary curriculums
  • A copy of the passport valid for one year

After receiving the initial admission to study at university undergraduate or postgraduate levels, the student should send the required documents to the general administration of Mission in Cairo to check the student documents

If the final Approval has passed for more than one year the student should renew the security approval.