Admission Rules

Admission Rules for International students

Undergraduate stage                                    

The Faculties accept students who have the general secondary certificate from outside of Arab republic of Egypt for study in the first University stage and the nominations are made through the Public Administration for admission of international students (culture affairs and Mission sector) at the supreme council of universities through the following e-mail:

The faculties accept the international students who have studied in foreign universities and who want to convert and study as undergraduates in one of university faculties according the rules laid down and terms for study in the internal regulations for every faculty of university faculties.

Graduate studies stage

The Faculties accept the international students who have Grade average “pass” in the first university stage for graduate studies in one of university faculties and the student may carry some supplementary subjects and that according to the proposal of scientific department council with application of other admission rules for enrollment provided in the internal regulation of every faculty.